Collab with CAB

Collab with CAB!

Are you a member of another student organization or club?
Is there an event your organization wants to do?
Maybe CAB can help!

We love to collaborate with other student organizations and groups on campus! The benefits are plentiful — for your organization and for CAB!

What can CAB do for you?

  • Generate a large, diverse audience for your event
  • Give your group more exposure
  • Help increase your social media following
  • Give you access to campus resources
  • Help you communicate with vendors
  • And more!

Our programming and marketing teams want to help make your event fun and memorable for your audience!


It’s so easy to get started!

Click on the icon above to download and fill out the collab form.
Email your form to CAB Director, Avery Walton at
Wait for us to respond! We usually respond within 48 hours.