General Member Meetings

September 30th at 5pm!

New semester, new YOU! Want to learn how to become the best version of yourself? Then come out to our General Member meeting this Wednesday and create virtual vision boards with us! All you’ll need is a Canva account & pictures! See you then!

Attending our General Member meetings is the easiest way to get involved with CAB!

When: Every other Wednesday at 5pm!

Where: Zoom link will be provided above!

Who can attend? Anyone can attend! General Member meetings are open to ALL students!

Why should I go? If you’re interested in joining CAB or just want to be involved with us General Member meetings are for YOU! Those that attend help give us ideas and suggestions for events, participate in fun activities, sign up to volunteer at our events, and get a first look at our upcoming events! 

I can’t attend General Member meetings because of class/work/etc but I’m interested in going! We got you! All of our GM meetings will be recorded for our Youtube channel! 

Check out some of our past General Member meetings below!